Is there an excellent form fill extension?

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Post Posted March 2nd, 2018, 7:37 am

I rolled back to version 47 and stopped updating Firefox so I could keep an extension that's really important--Informenter (which doesn't appear to be updating anymore). I can click it open, copy/paste all manner of information that is regularly asked for on websites.

Despite how much I prefer browser life with Informenter, I do have a security concern using a relatively outdated browser.

I can't be the only person in the Firefox world that doesn't have a photographic memory and uses some variant of a form fill. I doubt a typical form fill would work for my purposes since (the last time I looked) they enter data automatically. That's nice, but more often doesn't work correctly. Informenter adds a small icon adjacent to any data input area. Click on the icon and it launches the full Informenter list of data previously added by the user. You just click on the matching data and it's entered. Frequently, I'll just open the extension then copy and paste.

What are you all using for this task?


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I also used Informenter, now I use Simple Form Fill. ... form-fill/
I doesn't do anything automatically, but right click and its there with the
info for you to select from.


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Are you using the latest version of Firefox with the extension?

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I haven't tried it (since I switched to Simple Form Fill before this became available) but there is a new Web Extension version of InFormEnter that is being updated. ... formenter/

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Thanks, now I have both. Oddly, Informenter now deletes all blank lines that you have purposely added for separation. He likely wants the user to employ one of his dedicated special characters. I'll look into later.

The current problem is dealing with Tabs. Since Tab Mix Plus is no longer available, I've installed Tab Session Manager and Open Tabs next to Current. But it's not working. FF opens with my homepage. If I click a toolbar bookmark same overwrites the original, first tab instead of opening next to it?!

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I know I should post to a new thread but I wanted to be sure the folks in this one read this post.

I don't know at what point in the development of FF past 46-52, but this current version absolutely FLIES! The difference, increase, in performance and speed is frankly striking.

I know there's been a ton of discontent among extension developers regarding the coding course FF has taken but if that course has anything to do with this performance, I'm for it.

That said, regarding my prior post in this thread regarding my lack of success with Open Tabs next to Current, does anyone know if Tab Mix Plus intends to continue working or is doomed to non-functional legacy? Is there any current tab extension that has remotely similar ability?

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This extension business is getting over my head.

Before I ask my question, I need to clear up something. The author says you can use the legacy version with FF ESR: 'Using legacy Tab mix plus with Firefox ESR: Download and install Firefox ESR from here'

If I download the ESR version to which his link refers, is the ESR version:
1. The legacy code that allows most of the 'old' extensions to still work?
2. Is the only difference between 'regular' FF and ESR that ESR maintains compatibility, not the latest and niftiest code, yet updates security?

If I stick with this latest version, then Per Tab Mix WebExtension (experimental), the first several settings commands require you to change settings in about:config to match his. That's where I'm stuck. If you hover over his orange background snippets a 'copy to clipboard' appears. But you cannot just copy and past to about:config. About:config wants you to modify. In particular, his first command is 'Open links that open in a new window in:' with the following change to config ' 3'. However, I go to config and the line for 3 it is precisely what's already present?



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markg2 wrote:If I stick with this latest version, .......

The ESR will change to Quantum in the June time frame. So you have only 3+ months with the "old" FF.

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