2 Firefox installed - how to update only the new one?

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If I set my older 56 version to never update, and then just check for updates on the new 58, if I download the new update will it only update this new version?

I followed the directions for having two versions, did a custom install for the new one in a separate folder, with a separate profile, then copied all the folders from the old firefox location to the new firefox location. I just want to make sure that if I download and install an update on this new version it won't also update the old one. I need to keep a few protected cookies which I can't seem to do on the new one. I don't want to have to every time I go to my bank get a message 'this seems to be a new computer' how do you want to receive you code telephone or email etc. So, either I can keep all cookies always, or I can spend every day as I shut down the computer trying to delete all but those I need to keep. I can't find any kind of cookie protector web extension for the 58 version of Firefox.



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While using Firefox 58, just click on Help -> About and click on the Check for Updates button. It will only update the version 58 install.


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Thanks so much Mark. I just did that, and yes, you are correct :) It left my old one just as it is.

James, thanks for the link, though I knew how to do it, since I did it for my newer version. But, it reminded me to do it also for the old one so I don't get the profile manager each time I click that one.

You guys are terrific!

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FF updating is Profile based (if you will).
And so long as your Profiles are set up correctly (as in set to not update), you should be OK.
Problem comes in if you do something "different", like create a new Profile, & open that Profile, & if you're not quick enough, or have not taken other measures to block updating, then the possibility exists that you may inadvertently be updated.
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Ooh, I forgot got about that, thanks for reminding me. I don't plan on ever making another profile but at least now if I do I'll remember about the updating. The only reason I even downloaded the newer version was for my bank. It will not allow log-on with older browsers and at some point my 56 won't be acceptable for that. I don't do much internet and I'll just stick to my nicely personalized old verion :)

Thanks for the reminder on the profile creating!



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You can let cookies expire when Firefox is closed to make them session cookies instead of using "Clear history when Firefox closes" to clear the Cookies.
Options/Preferences -> Privacy & Security -> "Use custom settings for history" -> cookies: Keep until: "I close Firefox"
You can create an "Allow" exception to keep specific Cookies.
Note that you need to keep the Site Preferences in order to keep exceptions.

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