How to stop external links from opening FF if it's closed

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I have Firefox set as my default browser and want to keep it that way; I don't mind external links from other application opening new tabs in Firefox when I click them if Firefox is already open, but I don't want those links to open Firefox if it's closed. Reason for this is that this behavior has in the past caused Firefox to forget the tab session - and right now I have 500 tabs open in Firefox so definitely do not want to risk this. I know I could just set another browser as default but I'd rather not. Is there an about:config hack that can offer a quick fix?


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Also, in profiles.ini, you want to set StartWithLastProfile to 0.

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What that does is if your browser is closed & some other application tries to open your browser (which would be your default browser), you should be prompted to select a Profile rather then having "a" browser open automatically. That allows you to select the Profile applicable to your "default browser", rather then having, what would otherwise be, the last opened Profile to automatically open.
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