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Hi ! I created a "Firefox account" in the hope it could facilitate sharing or exchange of settings (mainly, favorites) between several FireFoxen of varying versions on diverse machines (all desktop computers, though).

Account creation proceeded alright, on a machine running Windows XP with Firefox ESR. But, when I tried to port the newly created account to another machine with an older Firefox (FF10), I was asked 3 pieces of information about the Firefox account :
1- email, 2- password,3- "recovery key". Well I have 1 and 2, but nowhere is a recovery key for the FF account to be found (I looked and looked for it, perused moz support and archives including this site, found only false or stale information :=(

Hence, double question :
- Does a "recovery key" currently exist for Firefox accounts ?
- If so, where/how can I find my account's recovery key ? Else, can I somehow bypass or satisfy FF 10 when it asks for "the" recovery key ?

That's it, folks ! Thanks...


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Do you have a current version of Firefox? What are you referring to when you say "FF 10" ?

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"ff 10" means ff 10
no joke, but a really bad one. there is no help possible this way round. sync changed and such old versions cant use it.
better luck next time for you oldtimer.


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Er the OP's a well known smart alec/clever dick UA spoofer, who knows or cares which browser or OS it's using?'


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