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Hans L
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Post Posted August 4th, 2018, 7:22 am


I installed KeePass and imported an existing database successfully. I installed the KeePass plugin KeePassHttp in the KeePass plugin folder. Then, I installed FF Add-on KeePassHttp-Connector, but when I left-click on its icon, I get the error message "KeePassHttp-Connector has encounterend an error. Unable to connect to KeePassHttp"

So, I started looking for a solution. I then discovered this on the KeePassHttp-Connector (?) site/page:

KeePassHttp-Connector is an extension to integrate KeePass/KeePassXC as a password manager with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.
They require KeePassHttp, a KeePass plugin to expose password entries securely (256bit AES/CBC) over HTTP.

Deprecation Notice: This extension will no longer be maintained since KeePassXC 2.3.0 now includes support for the keepassxc-browser extension, and will be removing KeePassHTTP support in a future release.

For KeePass, you can use my KeePassNatMsg plugin, which also works with the keepassxc-browser extension.

As a newbee to KeePass, I hope you understand that my confusion is full-blown :-)

I hope you can advise me on whether I should use KeePassXC instead of KeePass. And, if so, can I export the KeePass database to KeePassXC? And, is there really a need to use the KeePassNatMsg plugin with KeePassXC? Anything else that I have overlooked?

Thanks in advance!

Hans L


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I've been using KP about a week, and I haven't gotten it to work properly either. I've posted questions at their forum:
Just like here, you have to register with a username and password.
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John Liebson
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Why not do it the easy way, by using the Fx extension designed specifically to work with KeePass:

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