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Post Posted August 14th, 2018, 9:36 am

I use the addon Open Link with New Tab to ensure that when a link is selected, it will open a new tab to the right of the parent. For the most part, this has been working well except for the follow quirk: On this site ( which opens when starting Quantum, if I were to FIRST left click a link, that link would open within the same tab. And, choosing other links the same way, those links all would open within Yahoo. However, if I were to first right click and choose Open Link in New Tab from the dropdown menu, the link would do as directed, BUT then thereafter, I would be able to left click on the Yahoo site, and all links would open to Yahoo's right (as I want them to do.) Have no idea what's going on???
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Post Posted August 14th, 2018, 11:28 am

Your issue is somewhat similar to my experience with that add-on but I use it on an older Nexus tablet (latest Firefox). In my case (as opposed to yours) even if I long press on a Yahoo item and then click on open a new opens in that new tab...but unlike yours, if I then press on another Yahoo link it still opens in the same tab. But, if I were to go to another site and click on a link they always open in a new tab.

It seems that it is a bug in the add-on and would suspect that it's not Firefox. But who knows... new Firefox and new addon... who can tell at this time. You might want to contact the author?
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