Fx 56.0.2 constantly reloads open tabs as I navigate away &

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August 20, 2018


Same problem, except I'm using a Lenovo laptop. Very few Add-ons running, although one of them is tab-related, Squared Australis Tabs.

Firefox v56.0.2 is is driving me crazy. Tried Quantum, BTW. Reverted.

Version 56.0.2 can't seem to load a page and leave it at that. Every time I click the tab (any tab, apparently), I find that only then does the page start loading, or if already loaded, it reloads. Neither the Options panel nor About:Config seems to offer a solution.

Is there one? What the Hell is going on?

Is this tab behavior characteristic of every browser based on Mozilla (Waterfox, Pale Moon, Tor, etc.)?

And is this an example of FireFox's "Big Brother" computing paradigm, where Mozilla knows better than me how I like to work? If so, another possible example is the Bookmarks window, which used to be movable. Now, it's fixed in position very inconveniently.

(Is there a reliable Add-on that makes the Bookmarks window movable again?)

I used and loved SeaMonkey for many years; it's very flexible. But it got glitchy and no one appeared to be updating it, in a timely manner.

Also, while I'm posting: why is that NO browser seems to offer, on the tab context menu, options like:

"Move tab to first position"

"Move tab to last position."

(Is there an Add-on that offers these?)

Anyone, on any of this? Especially the first specified problem?

Thanks much, in advance.



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