52.9.0 ESR to Quantum Upgrade Process

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1. Best way to finally plunge? Do I just download and install Quantum? Will it pick up my bookmarks, history, etc.? Or do I need to save those files (and what else) and uninstall the old ESR version and do a fresh install?
2. On a new machine, best way to bring profile data over?
3. Are MozBackup and FEBE relevant anymore? What are the current best ways to backup FF and TB?
4. How do I ensure FF Sync recognizes me on the ESR to Quantum update machine, and the new machine?

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1. No need to uninstall anything but you would definitely want to backup the profile before installing a newer version of Firefox. See this thread for guidance on that process -- viewtopic.php?f=38&t=3041450&p=14808198#p14808198

2. See this article to move to a new system --

3. MozBackup is no longer supported and there have been some reports of problems when using that utility. If you want to use it, be sure to use the latest beta version, not the release version. FEBE doesn't seem to run under Quantum.

You may know this already but many legacy extensions will not run under Quantum, while some others will work but not necessarily provide full functionality.

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