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Ok, Just downloaded the latest firefox update (because the auto update never works) and after installing, when I go it only displays it in a lower resolution than what I have my monitor set to. Because of that I can't get the video that displays what is going on tonight to minimize and so it covers the whole page and can't see the listings. It works just fine using Internet Explorer and Chrome (both of which I hate) but not in firefox. It did until this latest update. Just like the problem I had with the previous version when it was updated but then it was the page that would not display because your web browser had blacklisted my video drivers even though there was no newer version for my system. I checked the about:config setting and the changes made then are still in place. still works this time and seems to only be causing problems with the website this time.


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There's a small downward caret at the top right of that annoying video that allows one to collapse it to get it out of the way.
What do you have your monitor set to?
To what video driver are you referring?
Does the same thing occur if you launch the application in Mozilla Safe Mode?


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You may have accidentally zoomed pages on this website.

Try to reset the page zoom on pages that do not look right.
The location bar normally show a zoom valuse if you are zooming a page.
View -> Zoom -> Reset

Clear Cache and Cookies from websites that cause problems
You can clear the cookies from the current tab via the Control Center 'i' icon on the location bar.
Options/Preferences -> Privacy & Security: Cookies and Site Data -> Manage Data
Options/Preferences -> Privacy & Security: Cookies and Site Data -> Clear Data -> Cached Web Content: Clear

You can remove all data stored in Firefox from a specific domain via "Forget About This Site" in the right-click context menu of an history entry.
History -> Show All History
View -> Sidebar -> History

Using "Forget About This Site" will remove all data stored in Firefox from this domain like history and cookies and passwords and exceptions and cache (bookmarks are not affected).
If you have stored password(s) then logout of the software security device by canceling a master password prompt via "Show Passwords". ... ry-firefox

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