Too much wasted space between bookmarks on the bar.

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If you have a line referring to padding set it to 0, the minimum padding since padding cannot be negative. If that does not help, first attempt to tidy your userChrome.css, then restart. When I say tidy, make sure the namespace line occurs only once, as the very first line. CSS is self-documenting enough that it is probably best to remove absolutely all comments from the code so you can see that important lines are not duplicate or are not conflicting. Hopefully you will be using an editor that does good syntax coloring or auto-indenting to tell that braces are all matched up, but either way if tidying does not fix it, just post the whole thing again.


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I had removed the Padding code. I only write codes that people on this forum have given me. I can';t make up my own, with the exception of maybe changing a number. I can't spend any more time on this, it's not that important.
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LoveMyFoxy wrote: it's not that important.

Not to you it's not. But people shouldn't underestimate the negative effect all this 'This code is a bunch of complicated junk done by idiots and it doesn't work anyway!' stuff has on people reading here.

The fact is, so long as you paste exactly what we write the whole thing is easy and works. But yeah, there is a reason why I don't bother posting userChrome.css snippets in Support these days.

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LoveMyFoxy wrote:2 partial screenshots of last 3 folders in 2nd row,

You never mentioned that. My code is used for the "normal" bookmark toolbar; and, it works for dfoulkes, Frank Lion, my son and me.

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