Firefox Quantum: Three Customization Questions

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Regarding Firefox Quantum (i.e. versions 57.0 and later)

1) At one time (in Firefox 44 and earlier) you could restore the classic style search engine drop down list by setting --
about:config = false

In Firefox 45 and later this variable disappeared but the drop down list could be restored using the legacy add-on, Classic Theme Restorer.

Does anyone know of a way to restore the classic style search engine drop down list in Firefox Quantum ?

2) In some legacy Firefox versions (Firefox 49 and others) there was once a very convenient Restart Button available in the "Customize Firefox" page. It was a red arrow in the form of a circle.

Does anyone know if there an add-on or other method to get that (or some other) restart button back in Firefox Quantum?

3) I find Firefox Quantum's grey bookmarks folders rather dreary. Does anyone know of a way to get the classic manila bookmark folder color back? I am not looking for a theme that changes everything, I just want to change the folder color back to the classic manila color.


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There's been a number of posts and suggestions for the various components relative to the appearance of Firefox without being able to use CTR.
Most of the suggestions are using edits of userChrome.css file
There's also extensive discussion on the Restart button. While it's not a simple button you can type about:profiles in the nav bar, there are two restart options.
Try a Search for both in this forum and the General Forum for more information.
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I thought this question looked familiar:


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jscher2000 wrote:I thought this question looked familiar:

As pointed out by jscher2000 your questions were already answered in the Mozilla Support forum.


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