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Updated to FF65. Now whenever I type something into the address bar I get this drop down toolbar "search with" that has a bunch of buttons "google, wordpress, etc". How do I turn this completely off. I see only two option available, search in address bar or add search window to address bar. I'd like to turn it off. Thanks.

Edit: Just noticed you can remove all of the search buttons EXCEPT Google. If Google could be removed, maybe the drop down toolbar would be gone?

Sidenote: Why do they have to keep changing the way FF appears to the user. Just improve the stuff under the hood and leave the UI alone!


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Moving to Firefox Support.

Have you tried turning off Search Suggestions under Tools->Options->Search->uncheck "Provide Search Suggestions?"

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For ma part, chosen solution

you could try creating a userChrome.css file with the following content in order to hide the addressbar dropdown-menu:

#PopupAutoCompleteRichResult {

display: none!important;


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Thanks for that code. It works perfectly.
Now I just need a few lines that will move my Tabs below the Address Bar!

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