Does Removing FF Sync Account Stop Restoring Old pref.js?

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Does the same pref.js get backed up and restored in future profiles? I got a bad pref.js that I dont want restored when I create profiles. Is pref.js backed up and restored through ff syncing? If so I want to wipe my ff sync account so pref.js wont be backed up and restored in future installations. What do you guys think?



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Some prefs are part of Sync.
What prefs are synced you can see on the about:config page.
Prefs that are synced have a corresponding services.sync.prefs.sync.* pref that is set to true.
You can exclude the prefs from getting synced in the Sync options to prevent prefs getting passed to new profiles or other connected devices.
If you have used this profile for a long time then prefs.js may still contain prefs that are no longer supported.

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