66.0.3 - ESET's Bank-Pmt Protect "Links Won't Open" Edit

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Post Posted April 11th, 2019, 3:00 pm

Eset EIS's (security pkg) Banking Pmt & Protect function (separate green border-ed "secured" Window) wouldn't open any FF link today working before this morning's 66.0.3 Update.

They open now for me with following ESET edit: Adv Setup/ Web - Email / SSL-TLS ... UN-Chk "Exclude communications with trusted domains".

Just Posted in their Forum, too, and will post any usable feedback.

EDIT: As with a FF CA Certificate issue in ESET, Un-Chking, closing, Re-open, Re-Chk same box described above corrected the requirement above to Un-Chk a normal setting.. Box Re-Chk'd and BPP sites in FF Opening as usual. Made a new Swedish friend helping him in the ESET Forum with the Same issue, so it wasn't just me.
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