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Post Posted May 11th, 2019, 2:52 am

When I want to see the list of my passwords in the saved data in the privacy settings, this is empty. It looks like a damaged key4.db and/or logins.json. I tried to reset FF and import backup, no result. Same with clean FFox installation. It makes with any version. Is there anything it can do about it?
Thanks for the advice.


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Do you have a logins.json file that has these passwords in you inspect the file and a matching key file (key3.db or key4.db)?

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Retrieve your passwords from the last good full system backup and then export them all into a password manager such as KeePass. Back up the KeePass database ... a few times ... in separate places ... put a copy on your other devices - it's encrypted always when not opened so the backups are secure. Then delete all the passwords from Firefox and use KeePass to do your logging in. Don't trust browser password managers.

KeePass is totally offline; I don't depend on anyone to maintain passwords and I don't have to worry about a cloud getting hacked. I like it that way.

Even 20 years ago, I was keeping copies of all passwords in .doc files backed up. I just checked my KeePass - the oldest creation date in it is 7 March 2009. I've been using it for just over a decade now and I've never had a problem that wasn't easily resolved.

The only passphrase I know is the one that unlocks the main database. There's some 500 passwords in there, all different, all complex, some obsolete ... I could delete a few.

Password security is keeping your passwords secure. Passwords managers do that. ;-)


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Agree, TrueFalcon. Anyone that trusts their passwords to be looked after by a browser needs their head examined.
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See if PasswordFox (Windows) is able to see anything?

(For whatever reason, perhaps because I don't "install" Mozilla, & don't keep Profiles in "expected" locations, I've always had troubles with his pw utilities.)
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