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It sounds silly since you have only one entry in profile manager, but I would hope that running profile manager, and checking the box "do not ask on startup" and clicking your profile and running it would set it as the default and everything would work ok.
After that is done, you should have been able to move the other folders away (don't delete them) and both a normal run of Firefox or running it from an external program should work.
In current firefox, going to the URL about:support tells you what profile you are running, and about:profiles tells you that and gives you some "set as default" features like the profile manager did. In Firefox 56 I forget how it works. Maybe someone else can help.
If you are an expert and make a backup of the file first, there may be a fix by changing something in the profiles.ini file. It is what sets the default profile really.

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I am definitely running my Kracov profile. I already explained that I had moved the other folders away (not actually deleted them) and trying to start firefox would result in an error message. I already used "do not ask on startup" days ago.

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