Clicking Google Search Result Disables Back Button (Linux)

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Hi all
For the past week or so, I've experienced an annoying problem: when I click on a Google search result and then want to return to the Search results page, the back button on the tool bar is greyed out. The same thing happens on Bing (shudder), but on Yahoo, the result opens in a new tab, and I can close it and return to the search page.
I'm pretty sure I haven't installed any updates in that time frame. I'm running FF 66.0.3 on Linux-Mint.
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Couple of questions?
Have you allowed automatic updates of search engines?
Have you modified your search engine order recently?
Are you accepting suggestions to search?
Are you seeing the "Rich" results, a number of suggestions or alternatives in a list underneath your search?

It may be good to update your Firefox to 66.0.5 which is now in the repositories for Mint18.3
This resolves the certificate issue for some of the extensions and may adjust some of the issue you are now having.
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Found the problem: an addin


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