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Post Posted May 15th, 2019, 8:48 pm

In Firefox 56 and earlier on Windows 7, when i set Firefox to ask me where to save files I download, it remembers what folder I last saved files in.
Furthermore, it remembers different folders for different sites.

However, with the latest versions of Firefox of 62+ on Windows 10, it always defaults to my download directory in my user profile, which is rarely where I want it to be.

Is there any way to make it remember what folder I last saved files to, so I can download fanfics from Twisting the Hellmouth to the Buffy folder in my fanfic folder, and download fanfics from to the HP folder, while anything from Microsoft's website still gets put in my download folder by default?
Also Flash Video Downloader used to piggyback on this process and remember my last location, but now it always goes to the downloads folder, but I want them in a videos folder (not the one set up by Microsoft that automatically shares everything and keeps turning that "feature" back on with updates if I want to use Media sever to share anything at all).

This has been a consistent feature as far back as Mozilla, so it's jarring to have to navigate from the downloads folder every time now. Is this a Windows 10 issue or a Firefox issue? I could have sworn that Mozilla 1.1-1.3 remembered the last download folder to be used under Mac OS 8.6 so I'm inclined to blame Firefox. I know it remembered folders consistently when I switched to Windows 9SE almost 20 years ago.
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Post Posted May 16th, 2019, 9:32 pm

Working on my end.

Went to & saved an image.
Defaulted to

Restart FF.

Went to & saved an image.
Defaulted to
Changed that to d:/doc/

Restart FF.

Went to & saved an image.
Defaulted to
Changed that to d:/tmp/

Make sure no extensions are interfering (IOW, restart in Safe Mode, a number of consecutive times, changing the "output" directory & see if it sticks).

Make sure your setting is to ask.
There is an about:config Pref (no clue if FF still has a GUI for it) to determine if output directory is remembered per site.
(Which, escape me, at this point. But make sure it is set that way - which would be the default.* will play in, but there is something else too... ?)
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