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Post Posted June 10th, 2019, 4:58 pm

The translation add-on that best meets my needs seems to be Simple Translate, and I use it strictly from the context menu--so I have no use for the toolbar button. In its settings, I've chosen "Don't display button or panel." Unaccountably, however, this icon can't be found on my Customize page in the main section or the overflow menu. I see no way of consulting the developer, so I'm asking here: What can I do do remove this useless button from my toolbar?


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Not really understanding your post, but I was able to drag the icon into Customize (thereby "removing" it).
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I don't understand it either, because I too now see the icon in Customize (in Overflow). It may be an issue with my (very) old computer, which I'm in the process of replacing. :? Thanks for responding.


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Note that you can also do this in regular mode via the right-click context menu (Remove from Toolbar).

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