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I'm using Firefox 67.0.1 and NoScript (the latest version) on my Win 10 machine. Very often when I go to a site, after a few seconds a message pops up asking me if I want to tell the app what my location is (not my entire address, just the server address).

The pop-up always appears at the upper left of the window. The message does not appear to be site-specific because it is always has the same wording and is always at the same position on the screen. The message does not scroll with the rest of the page. The message remains until I click "No", and then it goes away for that site during that session.

Sometimes a minute or so after going to a site a pop-up from that site appears smack-dab in the middle of the screen. Those will not scroll either.

This began a couple months ago, and I don't really think it's a FF or a NoScript problem but I thought I'd ask here anyway. It appears to something within Windows 10 that an app can use. Those messages never appear on other sites (this one included).

Has anyone else noticed it on their machine?


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Not sure but...
What options have you set in Tools > Options > Privacy & Security > Permissions > Locations?
Tried adding those sites to the Blocked list?

Checked the Pop-ups box?
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Maybe toggle the (about:config) Pref, geo.enabled to 'false'.
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I have everything that a knowledgeable user can set in Win 10 (pop-ups and such) and in FF other than monkeying around with about:config.
This occurs on several sites that I regularly use, but I'll check "geo.enabled" and see if it's set to "False".

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