FF68 - Update All addons button missing?

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Post Posted July 11th, 2019, 5:31 am

I prefer not to have FF automatically update all installed addons. I am used to clicking on the Check for Updates button in the gear menu on the Addons page. Previously, when a number of addon updates are found a button appeared that was labeled "Update All". After viewing the release notes for the various addon updates, I used to just press this Update All button.

Does that button still exist in FF68? It seems that now I have to click on each addon's button with the tiny blue dot, which opens a menu with an update button. It takes much longer to go through that process.

Am I missing something?

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The manually update all button was removed, or not added to the redesigned page. For now, you can perhaps use the old addons page, but that will be a temporary fix. Go to the address bar and go to about:config and set extensions.htmlaboutaddons.enabled to false. If a bugzilla bug report does not exist, filing one is the most likely way to express that you don't want that feature gone permanently.

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Tim wrote, that it is in work, but he did not wrote, when - "when ready, then ready" (maybe v70).
but up to Firefox 69 you can use the older addon manager, about:config

wont work with firefox 70.

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