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Post Posted August 19th, 2019, 7:28 pm

I would like to find out how to go about tracing and discovering what is wrong with my sync use. Ever since I began using Firefox sync when it was originally released, I've had the same recurring problems. The sync restores old bookmarks and folders which I long ago deleted and it also scrambles all the bookmarks. It must come from an old cached storage in the cloud that Mozilla held on to because the only link to my old sync accounts is my email address.

My bookmarks were cleaned and reorganized on several occasions so they are far from being the same order. I followed instructions and deleted the sync account on several occasions. To start completely with new data, I created a new sync account with different password, deleted all Mozilla cookies.

Also, in the latest version of sync, there is an option to clear all synced data before disabling it. This deleted everything in Firefox as well. My bookmarks, settings, extensions and passwords, sign in cookies are all gone.

My Windows 10 Firefox version is current and it is where all information is managed. The Linux Mint 19.2 Firefox setup is identical.
I have about ~2600 bookmarks, but my long held suspicion is that sync is unable keep order in the secondary, tertiary and quaternary levels of nested folders.
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Syncing with an iPhone could corrupt the places.sqlite file in Firefox, making sync unpredictable. Maybe it happened without mobile sync.
Backup your profiles first and make sure the backup is valid.
Then, at address about:support, on the second to last screen or near the end is a Places Database verify integrity button. If you click it and wait for a response (could be instant, could take 15 minutes), the response you can screenshot or copy it for future reference. It should say sane, or it will automatically attempt repair. Then restart the browser.
I don't know the best way other than sync to share your bookmarks or tabs between Linux and Windows. One idea - google docs open in both OS browsers, keeping links in a word file stored in the cloud / google drive.


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Post Posted August 20th, 2019, 10:00 am

kerft, I keep backups of all app settings on Google drive, in addition a Macrium mirror backup every 48 hours. Also. there is no data on the C: drive. I can work without it but would be convenient to sync. I was interested in tracking down this constant sync problem. It is definitely sync and not a Firefox problem. Years ago, I reported it to Mozilla, but they couldn't find the problem.

Below the result of the bookmark integrity check it says that it's sane.

Code: Select all
> Task: checkIntegrity
+ The places.sqlite database is sane
+ The favicons.sqlite database is sane
> Task: invalidateCaches
+ The caches have been invalidated
> Task: checkCoherence
+ The database is coherent
> Task: expire
+ Database cleaned up
> Task: originFrecencyStats
+ Recalculated origin frecency stats
> Task: vacuum
+ Initial database size is 5120KiB
+ The database has been vacuumed
+ Final database size is 5120KiB
> Task: stats
+ Places.sqlite size is 5120KiB
+ Favicons.sqlite size is 3360KiB
+ pragma_user_version is 52
+ pragma_page_size is 32768
+ pragma_cache_size is -2048
+ pragma_journal_mode is wal
+ pragma_synchronous is 1
+ History can store a maximum of 77329 unique pages
+ Table moz_origins has 646 records
+ Table moz_places has 2358 records
+ Table moz_historyvisits has 23 records
+ Table moz_inputhistory has 0 records
+ Table moz_bookmarks has 3297 records
+ Table moz_bookmarks_deleted has 0 records
+ Table moz_keywords has 3 records
+ Table sqlite_sequence has 1 records
+ Table moz_anno_attributes has 3 records
+ Table moz_annos has 10 records
+ Table moz_items_annos has 0 records
+ Table moz_meta has 5 records
+ Table sqlite_stat1 has 18 records
+ Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_origins_1
+ Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_inputhistory_1
+ Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_bookmarks_deleted_1
+ Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_keywords_1
+ Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_anno_attributes_1
+ Index moz_places_url_hashindex
+ Index moz_places_hostindex
+ Index moz_places_visitcount
+ Index moz_places_frecencyindex
+ Index moz_places_lastvisitdateindex
+ Index moz_places_guid_uniqueindex
+ Index moz_places_originidindex
+ Index moz_historyvisits_placedateindex
+ Index moz_historyvisits_fromindex
+ Index moz_historyvisits_dateindex
+ Index moz_bookmarks_itemindex
+ Index moz_bookmarks_parentindex
+ Index moz_bookmarks_itemlastmodifiedindex
+ Index moz_bookmarks_dateaddedindex
+ Index moz_bookmarks_guid_uniqueindex
+ Index moz_keywords_placepostdata_uniqueindex
+ Index moz_annos_placeattributeindex
+ Index moz_items_annos_itemattributeindex
> Task: _refreshUI
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Post Posted October 5th, 2019, 3:46 pm

Reported the issue to Bugzilla and they confirmed it. Will be repaired by version 71
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