Firefox Quantum 69.0.2 on 32-bit version?

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Post Posted October 6th, 2019, 2:41 pm

My current browser version is this: Firefox Quantum 69.0.2 (64-bit)
I have it for 2 months.
But is slowing down like crazy my entire PC, freezes all the windows, freezes the mouse, all the applications im working beside the open browser are freeze.
I have Process Explorer open all the time to monitor my Ram and CPU consume from applications, and the Ram is at FULL capacity.
I want you to tell me if is a Firefox Quantum 69.0.2 but on 32-bit version? From download page i only see one single version and is for 64-bit as the one i have installed already.
Thank you so much for your help.


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Post Posted October 6th, 2019, 2:54 pm

Pick the Firefox channel, 64-bit or 32-bit (only for Linux and Windows), and the Language.

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Mister James... Thank you so much, you are a wonderful human for helping me. You dont know how much it means to me to have a stable browser. 1000+ thank you.

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I've installed the 32-bit version over my already installed 64-bit. Without uninstalling the 64-bit. Just a simple installation. The button from the install window said "Upgrade" and it installed over successfully. I checked inside my newly installed browser Help- About Firefox it's vesrion and it reads as 32-bit now.
I am telling this because i know i should have unninstalled 64FF ,restart PC, install 32FF. But i did it this way in the hope my settings and customizations not to be lost from an unknown NEW version of FF. I am also afraid some 64-bit settings not to be active this way and jump up my RAM... but that i will test it in time and if its the case, i'll install properly. I want you to reasure me if it's all ok and i should not worry about it. Thank you so much for your help.


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In Firefox 69 and later the user agent no longer shows what Firefox version you use, so if the platform is 64-bit Windows then it is always Win64 in the user agent.
Previously this would be WOW64 for 32-bit Firefox on a 64-bit Windows platform.
You need to check "Help -> About Firefox" or about:support to see the real Firefox version.

Note that is might not be a good idea to install 32-bit Firefox in the location used for 64-bit applications if you really did this.
(64-bit Firefox) "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\"
(32-bit Firefox) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\"

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TO dickvl
Yes you are right, i remember it was the case as you say it, [(32-bit Firefox) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\"]
I just looked and in my case i have C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\ (that suggests it is a 64-bit instalation folder but when i run the Firefox.exe from inside this folder, it's the 32 bit version, from Help- About Firefox. So... maybe it is user friendly after all.
But i get your warning, it could have installed a second mozilla folder for the 32 bit version and i could have 2 vesrions installed...but it looks it is OK , it overrides the previeous installation succesfully. Alright..but my concerns are a bit more deep, some files are written from the other version i had before and this one on 32 bit will have to deal with them... i hope im mistaken. Its just a hunch because im a veteran user on FF.

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Your user settings and bookmarks are stored in a profile folder which is not in program files or program files (x86). It is in %appdata% (and then lower down). So uninstalling and reinstalling preserves settings. More detail
32-bit Firefox may use less memory, but I doubt it will fix your problem. Most problems are fixed by trying Firefox safe mode, and if safe mode fixes it, removing some extensions. Or, fixed by making a new profile and rebuilding it with some but not all of the old profile.
Try your method (32-bit) first and see, but if you keep having problems consider: ... on_Windows ... _-_Firefox
alternate interpretation of info: ... ld-profile

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