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Post Posted October 8th, 2019, 10:43 pm

Using dark theme in devtools / browser toolbox (under Linux), using certain tools, the highlighted results color is almost the same as some of the background or some parts of CSS rules (for instance). I've got some sight issues & have to change some colors. But "light" themes are out - too much glare.

I looked through chrome://devtools/skin/dark-theme.css & I'm not sure which colors they use on some items.
Part of the problem is they used a lot of rgba colors, or reference a generic color name (not a color) from ? some other file? so I can't just use a color picker, then search for that color in the dark theme file.

Like under Debugger, looking at chrome://bindings/autocomplete.xml, if you enter a filter term, it draws a box around found entries that has very little contrast. Several other issues.

I tried using browser toolbox to inspect devtools. Their dark themes are very similar. But it wouldn't identify the highlighting or some other elements to find a selector. There's too many to go through one by one, making test changes in userChrome.

I think some dark theme colors are in chrome://devtools/skin/rules.css. It has a comment, "/* CSS Variables specific to this panel that aren't defined by the themes */ What "THE" themes - the devtools/skin/dark-theme.css?
Anyone know of a "list" showing which rule (or color) in the theme applies to what? Thanks.

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