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if you only want to rant, we dont need here. its people like you who never would understand that every software code changes, also firefox. mozilla do not have to respect antivirus matters but they did. its the work of antivirus sellers to react on code changes they want to protect, their business. and kaspersky ever was the worst of all.

some little bird told me that mozilla did another code change to fix kaspersky issues -> v70.0.1

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Antivirus was not a problem for the old version! Repair the 70.0 or give back Firefox 69, because the new version is bad.

You're working from a false assumption. The problem is that some anti-virus programs do not recognize that the updated version of Firefox is the browser that was previously identified as an authorized application. Removing Firefox from the list of authorized programs in the anti-virus' permissions list, rebooting the system and then launching Firefox will often clear up performance problems that users initially believe were caused by the update.


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@ Brummelchen...
Please, ease up on the un-necessary personal comments.
Most people that come here just need a bit of help, assistance & guidance
as to why they are suddenly struck with their particular problem.

Thank you.
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ofc was my personal answer for
Stupid answers for simple question. Shame on F70.0.

"stupid" answers? i dont see any before he came in and tried to blame firefox.
at least i considered a rant and no question for a solution, only a statement from him that v70 dont work but v69 did.
we already were at this point and it was very clear that kaspersky - and maybe other - causing that issue.


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Isn't it about time you Mods BANNED this *******? Verboten.
He's bad for business and his 'advice' is usually based on MozCo talking points, (repeat a lie often enough and....) not real problem solving steps.

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cfkerchner wrote:I see that little dot going left to right in the upper left corner and also a message in the lower left that it is performing a TLS handshake with my home page

this article, regarding an issue with "windows" and "TLS handshakes," might be related to the problem that you are experiencing: ... -timeouts/

there also was an issue with FF 70.0 which caused a problem with some websites' loading, which was addressed with FF 70.1: ... easenotes/

"Fix for an issue that caused some websites or page elements using dynamic JavaScript to fail to load. (Bug 1592136)"
find answers at "Mozilla Support":

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I apologize to everyone I touched with my post. But it was a way how to get some real reaction ;) A special thanks to Brummelchen - information that FF works on this issue is already good for me as for a user. An answer of DanRaisch gives real response what to do with this problem while it will be solved. That's the way how simple users can get help from IT specialists in such forums. Thnk you for all! And - Firefox is the best for sure.


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Some security software wants to act as a man in the middle and forces Firefox to import its root certificate and sets security.enterprise_roots.enabled = true
You normally see a notification message at the top of the Options/Preferences page in this case.
Importing Windows root certificates can take a few seconds.

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