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I was just on the phone with Avast for over an hour. Their premium support dept. I ran the Avast Clean utility and there was still files on my computer. The same files. So they did a remote and I watched as they went in and removed software files and showed there was no files left. Did the reboot and I still couldn't get into my account. They saw that I could get into my account with another browser and said it was something with Firefox. I told them that I have only used Firefox on this computer and that Avast was installed after FF when I first set up. Before installing Avast I could get into my accounts. After uninstalling Avast FF was uninstalled and reinstalled. They said it was a registry issue and offered to let me subscribe as a prime member for $59.99 and their prime department could fix it.

When I go into This PC and put in Avast, I still show the above files.
It's burning me out.


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Very doubtful that it is a registry issue as about the only thing that Firefox does to the registry is set itself as a the default browser, if you have allowed it to make that setting.


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SallyMO wrote:
DanRaisch wrote:
I have been trying to get in and apparently my account (SallyW) was deactivated.

Are you referring to an account on these forums, or somewhere else?

It was this forum. The message I got at sign in "Your account has been manually deactivated and is only able to be reactivated by administrator." I couldn't figure out how to contact an admin since I couldn't get in so I registered again.

You should be able to login on the SallyW account now if you want to use it.

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So did Mozilla do an update??
It's a miracle! I sat down to do bills and **poof** I can suddenly get into ALL of my accounts, including the 3 I was having issues with!
Humongous sigh of relief.
Thank all of you for your patience and suggestions. I really am grateful.

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