multiple problems ff 70.0.1 (64) on ubuntu

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i've had these issues for a long time and am just getting around to asking for help.

first, things like radio buttons and checkboxes just show up as a little dot so small you can't see if you're actually clicking it. it's possible that clicks are registering but there appears to be no visual feedback to that affect. chrome seems fine in this regard.

second, i just tried to make a distribution list on my zoho email account and it wouldn't accept the list when i tried to type its name into the bcc field in an email. chrome, again, worked fine.

third, i tried to watch a show on the cbs website and it wouldn't play, stating that some software was missing. sorry, but i can't remember the actual message at this point. windows 10 worked fine.

thanks for any suggestions,


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Might help to know what Ubuntu you are operating?
Some of these may be more system related for Ubuntu.
You should go to the Ubuntu forums and first search for the issues, particularly the player for the CBS issue, look at the file type.
The email issue could be, as it appears to be a web based mail, maybe a permission issue or cookie.
You could also check in the Ubuntu forums.
Radio buttons and check boxes usually depend on theme.
You might want to try a different theme.
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