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dfoulkes wrote:You are welcome!!
I'm wondering if "Cookie Autodelete" would help with my problem. My wife & I each have accounts with the same Bank. I use Roboform to store my wife's & my usernames & paswords.The Bank login URL is the same for the 2 bank passcards in Roboform but each has a separate username & pswd. When I login to my account my Username is automatically added in encrypted form, I.E. *********121 but the password is blank. When my wife tries to login to her account MY username is displayed in the same encrypted form which cannot be deleted preventing her from logging in to her account. I used to be able to find a Bank login page outside of RF which allowed me to paste the info into the 2 fields but now that too is filled in with my username' Is Firefox entering the encrypted username or is it the Bank? I don't think RF is doing it.I want the username to space to be blank on each login.
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