Keyboard shortcut for duplicate tab? Or, assign one?

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Post Posted November 20th, 2019, 11:50 pm

Is there a keyboard shortcut for duplicate tab?

If not, can I make one?


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Post Posted November 21st, 2019, 5:51 pm

No. But there is an extension API for the duplicate tab function:

And here come the extensions:

(1) This one uses "Alt+Shift+D":

(2) This one implements it using "Ctrl+Shift+K":

But on Windows, that is used to open the Web Console, so I think you need to override it with a different combo of your choice. See: ... ts-firefox

Well, that's probably enough to get you started.

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While I know your looking for a keyboard shortcut there is also : right-click on tab and simply use 'duplicate tab'


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You can duplicate a tab via Alt + D (set focus to the location bar) and Alt + Enter to open this current URL: in a new tab.
Other ways are to set focus to the Reload button via Alt+D and Tab or Shift+Tab to focus a toolbar button and press R to focus the Reload button (first letter in tooltip) and use Ctrl+Enter to emulate a Ctrl click on the Reload button.
In Firefox 70 most toolbar button are focusable via (Shift) Tab and cursor Left/Right or the first letter(s) of a button (this works for bookmarks and in bookmark folders on the Bookmarks Toolbar as well).

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If you're into toolbar buttons, there's ... tab-button.

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