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You can F12 and change PREF to f6=8 it puts your home screen back to normal on a 50 inch. But when you tab into a video is doesn't give you widescreen. Here is what PREF says. "f6=8&f1=50000000&f5=30030". Is it the f5 number I need to change? I actually had this sorted out but I forgot how I did it. What number do I need to put it too? Cheers fellas :)

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I think theater mode uses the wide cookie, not the PREF cookie.

PREF=f5=30000; // autoplay off

PREF=f5=30000&f6=400; // autoplay off, dark theme

PREF=f5=30000&f6=400; wide=1; // autoplay off, dark theme, theater mode

Execute document.cookie in the console to figure out the cookies.

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