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Post Posted January 12th, 2020, 1:24 pm

Hello, I updated from FF60 or FF68 (can't recall and has some other more pressing issues I had to resolve) but am on FF72 right now. I had a multi-site search bookmark like
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It would open three tabs doing a search for the %s term on each. On FF72 I do this and only one tab with the first site opens. How can I get it to open all three tabs like before?


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Post Posted January 13th, 2020, 7:36 pm

In SeaMonkey, I get 3 tabs opening.

In Nightly, I get 1 tab opening, which takes focus, then in the initial tab (once you click back), there is a warning that FF blocked 2 pop-up windows.

(You should be glad that simple bookmarklets work - at all. For a long time, even simple ones failed. Thankfully Bz put in a patch to get at least the simple things working - until "they" [Mozilla & Co.] hash out the bigger details [which may very well never happen].)

So yes, quite possible that you're seeing behavior change between 60/68 & 72.0.1.

It looks like, if you toggle the value of dom.block_multiple_popups to 'false', you'll get your 3 tabs.
Now will this allow a rogue site to throw 3 (or more) simultaneous popups at you? Probably.
And why that Pref would affect a bookmarklet instead of just rogue site popups, well that, only your hairdressser knows for sure.
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Thanks, that solution worked. I'll have to take my chances with rogue popups!


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Post Posted January 15th, 2020, 1:44 pm

See also:
bug 1524137 - Fx65 regression: multiple tabs (beyond the first) opened by js bookmarklets are blocked as popups

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