[SOLVED] Can't fill in socks proxy settings

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Hi. When I go to settings/network and in the proxy dialog choose manual settings I can't fill in the socks proxy settings: when I start typing the letters disappear instantly. This doesn't happen for other inputs on the dialog. Due to the urgency I had to go to about:settings and set the socks properties there.

I tried Help/Restart without addons/start in safe mode and this didn't change anything.

However, if I create a new profile the problem doesn't reproduce. It doesn't reproduce on another PC with the same version and language: Firefox 73.0.1 64-bit Windows.
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Maybe do a compare between the working & non-working; prefs.js?
Can't image what would cause characters to disappear?

(Safe Mode was my first thought, but you did that.)
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I have the same issue with the Firefox v74.0 x64 Win.

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The culprit is:
resetting those to default helps

I reported a bug


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