Firefox 74-Should I Be Using Hardware Acceleration On My PC?

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mightyglydd wrote:It's a GRAPHICS issue. ... celeration

I don't understand where you're coming from on this. So what if it is a graphics issue? Isn't this the very question asked by the OP in this thread? Aren't we all here to give support as needed?

"Should I be Using Hardware Acceleration On My PC?"


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I already answered, second post first page.
Doesn't take more than a minute to check out the OP's specs and options.
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My simple answer: there is no right answer. You should experiment starting with default settings. Then turn off HA and see if there's a difference. IF HA is a problem, you'd most likely notice it with video/audio not playing correctly, if at all. And play with the content process limits if you're running high on memory (check task manager - CTRL-SHFT-ESC) or FF is bogging down until you find the right one.

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