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Post Posted March 26th, 2020, 3:12 am

sean97 wrote:This is becoming increasingly weird.
I shut down ZA on the PC described in my original post, but login still fails.
I have a 2nd system WinXP & FF 52.9.0esr & an older ZA and login still fails.
No difference if ZA is running or shut down.
I have a 3rd system, Win7 (32 bit) FF 73.0.1 & no ZA and login fails on it.
Meanwhile, I'm able to login to various banks / utilities no problem.

You can't fully shut down ZA from the user interface, it only turns off the user interface, ZA is still running.

You could try a quick test and bypass the ZA by starting your system in 'safe-mode with Networking'...

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Post Posted March 26th, 2020, 7:59 am

My net connection is Spectrum (cable).
My 3rd system has no ZA. I never installed it on that PC.
I was snooping the source code for the login page and see
"To use the 2020 Census site, it is necessary to enable JavaScript."
My FF config says javascript.enabled is true.
I tried disabling the ZA programs in Msconfig / Startup, but the check box
for ZA turns back on when I click Apply.
Will try safe-mode with Networking later today.

Addition ...
Tried safe-mode with Networking and it fails the same as every other attempt to login.

Observation ...
Accidentally entered ID with wrong digit and got
"Login failed. Please try again."
Never got this B4.
I'm thinking they must be passing my ID to some database for verification
(else how would they know it's wrong?). So my connection must be working, etc.
So is this some "feature" of their website? So when I enter my correct ID they
fail my login? So maybe my ID is not unique? And someone else has already
used it? And they don't allow multiple logins with the same ID?
Just speculating / guessing.

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