Locked out account (have recovery code)

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My brother got locked out of account since his iphone got damaged and lost option via google authenticator which he used to login and sync. After the steps that firefox provided to be able to enter Recovery key i get a message that account needs to be verified and email is been sent. BUT NO email ever arrives!!! Nowhere in email clinet (no spam, no junk, no nothing). How can i contact mozilla support team to get advice and solution to be able to enter my recovery key (the one with 28 characters)
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You need a recovery code if you lost access if you aren't to provide a 6-digit TOTP 2FA code.
Can you at least go that far with the recovery code ?
The title says: Locked out account (have recovery code)

Aren't there other devices connected to this Firefox Sync account ?

The recovery key is used instead of the password reset to get access to Sync data because a new password would remove all data stored on the Sync server. ... entication ... overy-keys

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