How to find out if runs in "Private browsing" mode?

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Post Posted May 16th, 2020, 10:59 pm

I know how to switch or open a new tab in "private browsing" mode.

But assume I have currently opened 8 tabs. Some of them are private others not.

How can I easily find out if a certain tab runs in "private browsing" mode or not?

Can I switch an EXISTING tab from "private browsing" mode to "normal" mode (and vice versa)?

Or is this unchangeable determined at tab opening time?



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Post Posted May 17th, 2020, 2:31 pm

In Firefox, private mode is per window, and private windows are marked with an icon indicating they are in private browsing mode. (If there is no icon, it either is a regular window or all your windows are automatic private browsing windows.)

You cannot switch an open tab between regular and private.

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How do you have private and non private tabs on the same window?


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That is no longer possible.
There used to be the legacy Private Tab extension that had this feature in the Tab bar context menu, but there is no API available for this feature.

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