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Post Posted June 30th, 2020, 12:13 pm

I have Firefox, version 77.0.1; I have tried updating to the new version by way of the Help screen, About Firefox, but it tells me I am up to date. I understand that version 78 was available effective June 30, 2020. I am using the sidebar for my bookmarks which I have quite a number and I hate to update manually because I am afraid of losing them. That is exactly what happened one other time. Any suggestions or recommendations? I will appreciate all replies and would thank you in advance.



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Er, just wait?
Hasn't been offered here either...
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Hi John, the update server only offers the update to a small percentage of users on the first two days just in case there is a disastrous bug. So unless one of the security patches looks especially important for you, I suggest waiting until your number comes up.


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Auto updates to Fx 78.0 is turned off until this is better understood. Bug#1649393 #Search engines are gone with v78.0

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Had my patience been just a little longer everything would have been okay; patience has never been my forte. I have now updated the Firefox browser to the new version and it seems to be performing as it should. I would like to thank the members and the moderator who replied to my post. Take care, and stay safe.

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