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Hi there,

I've got to work on macOS and Windows (via BootCamp) on a MacBook and would like to share my Firefox (and Thunderbird) profile through out the two OS. I've created a FAT32 partition where I store the profile data which can be read by both systems but whatever I do and try after a while it fails. With help of the profile manager I was able to get both profiles on both OS to share the same profile folder what works fine on both OS for a while but fails eventually. So one of the two following happens

1:A new profiles get created (stored on the OS local drive) without my knowledge so when, for example, I boot Windows after a couple days again and open Firefox, the restored session is the one from last time I was working with Windows, not the session three minutes ago when I quit Firefox on macOS. And history and all preferences aren't the same either.
2: Or it crashes altogether and I have to create now profiles.

Well, the idea is so simple and yet so hard to achieve (at least to me). I hope someone can help me out after I've been looking all over the web for a sustainable solution.

Thanks and hope to hear from you.


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