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Post Posted August 6th, 2020, 1:09 pm

(Windows 10 Pro 1909 and Fx 79.0 (64-bit), neither of which may have any bearing on this matter.)

This is an 'if and only if" request for assistant: IF you use Print Edit WE AND have technical information about Fx's print rendering engine, perhaps you can be of assistance.

Starting yesterday morning, articles from the Washington Post edited using Print Edit WE, when printed stopped printing the headers and footers I have set up in Fx, and which continue to be printed with articles from other sources such as the New York Times. I reported this to the creator of Print Edit WE, and after an exchange of a few email messages, this is what he reported to me about the printing problem:

"I've spent some more time playing around with this particular Washington Post page in Firefox. There is something unusual about how the page is structured. I get the problem of missing footers - and also a problem of the body text appearing over the headers and footers.

"Also, when I preview this page in Chrome, lines of text are split vertically across adjacent pages, with the top half of the letters appearing on one page and the bottom half of letters appearing on the next page.

"I don't think these problems are caused by Print Edit WE. I think the problems are in the internal structure of the Washington Post pages and in the print rendering engines of Firefox and Chrome.

"Sorry, I can't offer a solution."

This is completely beyond my having any idea as to if this can be fixed; perhaps someone or more who meets the "if and only if" condition would be able to investigate and report any findings.

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