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Post Posted September 5th, 2020, 10:56 am

My voip telephone company gives me a private portal that seems to be hosted by Cisco webex. This is not a video conferencing type of application. The portal is there for me to upload and then access a list of phone numbers and names.

All of the list of names can be seen if I use a chrome browser, but only half nthe list shows if I use firefox 80.0.1 Using firefox I can not scroll beyond the first page of phone numbers. With slimjet I can scroll down and see the full list of uploaded numbers. The firefox problem is only relevant to this site, on all other sites I can scroll down beyond the bottom of the page. The fault shows up in safe mode as well as normal mode.

I would prefer to access the account from with firefox. What can I do about this fault?


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Post Posted September 9th, 2020, 11:25 am

Who is your VOIP provider?
Have you asked them?
(Did they tell you, "we support Chome" ;-).)

As a test, create a new, clean Profile, & see if the site works.
If not, might try spoofing your useragent to a Chrome UA & see if that makes any difference.
Or, it might just be a "we support Chrome" issue, i.e., they (in their infinite wisdom) are using some Chrome-only feature.
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