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Post Posted September 16th, 2020, 3:49 am

win7X64 FF80.0.1X64--ran as usually do and in safe mode (nothing loaded at all) for this--also used Seamonkey (which passed)
since going to FF v80 and then v80.0.1--it seemed to me to be a little off, on all sites. So I visited, a site I have used for over 20 years, to run a speed test (cable) using FF. As stated, I did this thru safe mode also, which FF failed to connect also for the speed test. I used Seamonkey also which ran as in the 20+ years I have used their test, an it ran as usual. Below is the message from a message box that came up at for a cable test using FF. None of it applies--I don't have "no script", no AVirus programs running, no older browser, (except for Sramonkey--which ran the cable speed test perfect), nothing stated in the error box applies. because I ran it in safemode also, with the same error appearing.

So, after 20= years, it's their test site--because I can use any other site on the web, and FF responds for a cable test as it should, even though to me, it seems like it stumbles sometimes. So what did FF 80 and up put in the browser to do this, since before that FF did not fail to run the test at this site--I didn't at this stage of the game add anything to my computer, and a older version of Seamonkey runs the test Ok. as it always has. And if indeed it's their site, FF still put something in the browser new, because just a few months ago, using FF79, didn't fail to run the test. Any thoughts? Could I be missing something here?

Browser could not reach ANY server! Perhaps an extension like NO SCRIPT is blocking things. error:7
Your browser failed to contact any of the candidate test servers that are known to be online.

Possible reasons:
· If you are using an older version of Chrome on a tablet or phone, disable "Bandwidth Management .. Reduce Data Usage". It has bugs.Your ISP DNS is slow. Try the non-https mode: as it uses IP addresses.
· Your older browser does not support CORS (Cross Origin Request Syntax). Use a more recent browser.
· A browser extension is blocking the test. Disable the extension. (If you know what extension does this, please drop me an email using the address below)
· Anti-virus software is blocking the test.
· A buggy proxy, VPN, or web accelerator is blocking the test.
 (If you see this error with a good mobile connection using a recent Android mobile phone, please contact me, I want to debug this issue with your help - send email to ).


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Post Posted September 16th, 2020, 4:53 am

No suggestions for you at this point but I was able to run the DSL Reports speed test here running Firefox 80.0.1 under Win 10.

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