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I got a new laptop after mine was being looked at by the support team, and another one was given to me in the meantime. After using that loan laptop during 2 months, I finally got a new one as they couldn't fix the last one and gave me a voucher for change.
I then started this new laptop, downloaded Firefox and once done, I logged in to my Firefox account but then could not see all my bookmarks and folders. Everything is lost. I tried 2 things:
- looked into the back up data per day but nothing was visible as it was a new laptop
- looked into my firefox profiles in about:profiles and tried to put the second one (only 2 visible) as default one, restarted and nothing changed.
Any help? I really need those bookmarks, all my studies links, a lot of personal links about a difficult period of time, it's not nothing for me to lose this all.
Many thanks beforehand to anyone who would be able to help out on this.


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Moving this to the Firefox Support forum...
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(I know nothing of sync, but) do you have a backup of your Profile prior to all this switcher-ooo?

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