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Is there a trick or shortcut to move a bunch of tabs over to a new window short of dragging them one at a time?

I tend to keep a bunch of tabs open, and sometimes I start researching something, which devolves into spawning a bunch of tabs, and I figure it would be better to move them to their own window. Often on the secondary monitor (it's an old VGA 1024x768 monitor, but it's useful for a secondary display. Even if I have to connect it to the integrated video instead of the video card because it's VGA).
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You can multi-select before dragging.

Let's say you have several tabs you want to move. If they are consecutive on the tab bar, you can click the first and Shift+click the last to create your selection. All of the selected tabs should get the familiar blue tab line that normally appears on the active tab only. If the tabs are not consecutive or you like more control, you can Ctrl+click individual tabs to add them to or remove them from the selection. (This should all sound very familiar from selecting files in Windows' File Explorer, bookmarks in Firefox's Library window, etc.)

Once your selection is complete, when you drag one tab in the selection to the tab bar of the other window, the whole group will move.


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Note that you can also move the selected tabs to a new window via the right-click context menu of a tab on the Tab bar.

See also: ... gle-window

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I did not know I could select tabs like that.
Thank you!
When was that introduced? I'm certain it wasn't in the pre-WE Firefox.

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