How to find out the number of Bookmarks?

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Is there any way to find out the number of current bookmarks and (nested) bookmark folders?

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The following addon has a number of bookmarks feature.

Bookmarks Organizer

You can use the find command in the command prompt window to count the bookmarks and folders.

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find /c "HREF=" bookmarks.html

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find /c "</H3>" bookmarks.html

Find command

Export bookmarks.html


You can use Notepad++ to count the nested folders of the certain level.

Notepad++ questions
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For a rough approximation: go to the Restore menu and look at the item count in recent backups. This includes bookmarks, folders, and separators.


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You can also type a colon (:) in the search bar in the library to get a list of all the bookmarks and select them all (Ctrl+A) to get a bookmarks count.

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