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Problem uploading an image. I see the [img]Img] & [url][/url] buttons but no description of their function.

1[ If I post the image on a web image site, I post using the [url][/url] button?
2[ Then if I want to post an image on my laptop, I can copy/past it right into the space which is the smart way.

Please advise.



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To post an image here, see this page...
> ... _the_forum

After you've taken the screen shot/s...
Reduce it/them to around 600 x 500 or so in your favourite image editor, (Be sure to remove any personal info.)
& upload them to your favourite image hosting site.
> (If you use TinyPic, select "Message Board" from the "Resize" drop down.)

eg;...Using "",
0/. Upload your image.
1/. Select > from the "Do not resize" drop down, 640 x 480.
2/. No expiration. (Leave as default or as you require.
3/. Choose > Images to upload.
3a/. After the image/s have been uploaded.
4/. Select > Hot Link for Forum.
5/. Paste that link in your forum thread.
6/. Your image will be displayed in your post.

&...Select the code listed as "Forum Thumbnail", (Small image), copy the code and paste it in
the thread where you reported your problem.
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