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Windows 10
Selenium webdriver 3.141
python 3.8

I have an automation flow in python/selenium/firefox that executes HEADLESS 100% on the selenium sections.

However the flow includes a HTML basic authentication (not at the start) that pops up MS Windows popups that cannot be handled with selenium and thus cannot execute headless.

I know that one can include the credentials in the URL but this is not applicable for my case because the HTML basic auth is in the middle of the flow after 30-40 steps and the URL is not the same as in the start, the userid/pwd included there are lost. Tried that, doesn't work.

I wonder if there is a user option (to start the geckodriver in a certain way) by which the Firefox popups are ordered to be launched in the browser context and can be handled with selenium as opposed to be started as now, in MS Windows context.

Please only suggest a solution if it can execute in headless mode. I have already a solution that populates the non-headless MS Windows popups, a solution that cannot run in headless mode and thereby is not useful for me.

It can be an option so Firefox starts popups in the browser context or an add-on that can be executed headless.

It is both userid/pwd and certificate path that must be passed so it is not enough (but would help a little) with a solution only for userid/pwd.

PS: The solution I am looking for is similar to the user option that defines if there is to be opened new browsers or new tabs. What I am looking for decides if pop ups are to be opened in html popups in browser context or (as today) in MS Windows popups (thus, non headless)

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