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Mozilla prefers we use so

jaizan wrote:Thank you. I downloaded and installed 88 off a related page. However, how do I utilize the files in the location you provided a link to ? What I'd really like to do is save a fully offline installer for 88 on my PC, just in case of future problems. I'm used to just downloading an exe file & not doing much else.

Quite simple really.

These are the desktop OS options most people would likely use. the mac is 64-bit only.

Since you appear to be using 64-bit Windows 10 according to your Firefox useragent so you have the option of using 32-bit or 64-bit Firefox.
For example

Then you pick the language locale abbreviation you want like for example
en-CA = Canadian English
en-GB = British English
en-US = American English

Judging by your IP you may want en-GB so and then download the .exe or if you prefer the .msi.

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