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Post Posted June 12th, 2021, 3:40 am

I have fedora33 and firefox 89. I run it via a custom key macro which does "firefox --ProfileManager" (also had --no-remote, removed now, no difference) and I can choose from 5 profiles. The problem with this is that when I a click on a link in a mailer or other programs, I get the profile manager window and if I select a profile which is already open - I get a message that I have to close that session first instead of opening a new window in that session. But ok, I can drag and drop links to preferred browser but it is annoying.

But recently I was playing with acestream and its webinterface and clicking on buttons there (which supposedly open http://) brings this profile manager window again. So I'd really love to be able to select already running browser to open links. Is that possible?
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If you only have one browser and multiple profiles, you can probably only select one profile as the default, also select the browser as the default in the Fedora Default Applications settings.

I have two profiles for my default Firefox and don't recall if I ever tried opening a link when I'm using the secondary profile.
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From what I recall (things may have changed for the better, but I seriously doubt it), external links will only open in your default (as defined in Profiles.ini) browser Profile.

So if you have any Profile open - other then "default", you would have to close that (them) before external links will function as wanted.

Ah, the 'ol --no-remote.
If you opened the 4 non-default Profiles with --no-remote, then you might be OK, with that 5th, default Profile, then opening?

For testing, it should be sufficient to drop to a C: (shell) prompt & type in, {pathto}/firefox
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Post Posted July 21st, 2021, 1:17 am

./firefox/firefox opens the profile manager. But interestingly when I choose some already running profile, it opens the page in already running firefox window, cool. When I click on the link in thunderbird, I get the profile manager too but choosing the running ends in "Firefox is already running, but is not responding". So I assume there is somewhere "--no-remote" deep inside in file association handling in Gnome/Fedora33 but I cannot spot it anywhere...

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