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Hi, I just switched to FF from Chrome and I noticed some weird behaviors for shortcuts. For example, I have shift + alt + e binds to an extension shortcut. It works fine. But when I'm focused on a textbox (e.g., when typing this post). The shortcut doesn't work, it types a literal back-tick "ยด" instead. This behavior is not seen in Chrome or any other browsers I used before.

I'm wondering how can I get my shortcuts to work while typing?

Thanks in advance!
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What's the addon name with the issue?

Firefox addons

Try using the Command+Alt+E shortcut.

Firefox shortcuts ... ks-quickly

I had a problem with uBlock Origin and the Shift+Alt+E shortcut opening the uBO dashboard. The shortcut opens the menu bar "Edit" menu popup instead.

Test page

I can workaround the issue by setting the ui.key.menuAccessKey pref to 0 in about:config to disable the menu access shortcuts. Remember to restart.


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Hmm, it's different on Windows. This is more a note to myself and doesn't solve your issue.

For us, Shift+Alt+E opens the following link because Shift+Alt is the way we trigger access keys (on Mac, you use Ctrl+Alt for that):

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<a href="./ucp.php" title="User Control Panel" accesskey="e" class="icon-ucp">User Control Panel</a>

So I don't know what Shift+Alt does on Mac. ??

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