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When I try to send a page from FB I get Outlook express. My default email is mozilla. Ive changed it on the control panel but it wont go away. How do I get mozilla as the default email client for FB?

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Try changing Thunderbird to the default mail client from within thunderbird's options panel. In the general section, make sure that the "Use mozilla thunderbird as the default mail application" checkbox is checked. Thunderbird doesn't completely register itself with Windows when you use the internet settings control panel.



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Go to the Control Panel -> Folder Options -> File Types and check that the entries

URL:MailTo Protocol
URL:News Protocol
URL:NNTP Protocol
URL:Snews Protocol

are set to be opened with Mozilla

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Thanks. Works like a cahrm and has the added advantage of being a sound (not a trick) solution. ](*,)


Post Posted November 7th, 2007, 7:55 pm

I tried that instruction with the Folder Options setting, but Lotus Notes returns the error, "Invalid directory name or device not ready."

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